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Joe Bates, Superintendent of Water & Wastewater, and his staff are responsible for making sure that your drinking water meets OEPA standards and is safe to drink.  They also ensure that the system is reliable, there is sufficient pressure throughout the system and that enough volume and pressure are available to adequately support the hydrants in case of a fire in the Village. The Village of Yellow Springs Water Treatment Plant is made up of three major components:  the Water-supply Wells, the Water Treatment Plant and the Water Storage Towers and is rated a “Class 1 Plant”. These components must all function together for the system to meet the Village’s water demands.  Special licensure is required to run the Plant; Joe Bates holds a Water Supply Class III, Brad Ault-Class I and Richard Stockton-Class I.

Yellow Springs built the existing water treatment plant, located off Jacoby Road, in 1964. Four production wells are also located in that same area. Yellow Springs upgraded the plant in 1999 by rebuilding the sand filters and improving the filter controls. The Village has made additional minor improvements since then. The treatment plant is designed for iron removal and for disinfection using gaseous chlorine. The Village discontinued fluoridation in May 2011, after fifty years of adding it to the drinking water.  Yellow Springs has two standpipe style water towers located at Gaunt Park on South College Street. Together these towers are rated at 2.0 million gallons, or about four days of supply at the average daily design flow of 0.5 million gallons a day.

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