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Live and rebroadcast programs of local government meetings receive top priority by the staff for scheduling cablecast time. Programming produced and submitted by residents or organizations of Yellow Springs has the next highest priority. Programming produced by a citizen or organization of another community, about Yellow Springs or of special interest to the community but sponsored (submitted) by a citizen or organization of Yellow Springs will receive the next highest scheduling priority. Otherwise, applications will be processed and scheduled on a nondiscriminatory basis to ensure that no one person or organization monopolizes cablecast time to the disadvantage of others. YSCA reserves the right to schedule program at times appropriate to best serve the community.


All programs should include title, date, and producer of the program at the beginning and/or the end.

Videotapes or disks must be submitted in a case along with a completed Program Release form. Videotape or DVD, and case must be clearly labeled stating the program title, program run-time, and the name, address and telephone number of the Yellow Springs resident submitting the media. No stick-on labels are allowed on CDs or DVDs or the “door” of VHS tapes.

Program media may be dropped off in the basket in the lobby of the Bryan Center; or mailed to Village of Yellow Springs, 100 Dayton St., Yellow Springs OH 45387 Attn: Community Access.

If requested, videotapes and DVDs will be available for pick-up within ten business days after submittal. Any media unclaimed after 30 days will be archived, recycled, or discarded at the discretion of the staff. The station is not responsible for loss or damage of videotapes or disks. If station media was used for the master, the producer may make or purchase a copy at cost.

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