Bicycle Enhancements Spring '17


Spring 2017 Yellow Springs Bicycle Enhancements

Bike parking corral and “sharrows” to be installed in April and May

Yellow Springs, OH, April 26, 2017:  The Village of Yellow Springs is advancing its commitment to a safe, healthy, sustainable transportation network this spring with the installation of two new bicycle enhancements. The addition of a downtown bike corral and sharrows on two important Village roadways will help provide secure bicycle parking in the central business district and promote safe travel for all users throughout the community. These improvements are in line with the principles of the Village’s 2010 Comprehensive Plan and the 2017 strategic goals of the Village Council.

  • Downtown Bike Corral – The Village will install a bike corral on Xenia Avenue, just north of the Short Street intersection, as early as the week off April 24th. The on-street bike rack is demarcated by breakaway reflective posts and rubber wheelstops and will provide a visible new location for secure public bike parking in our crowded central business district. The on-street location will free up valuable sidewalk space for pedestrian use and will provide an amenity for residents, visitors and downtown businesses. The corral will NOT replace a car parking space. Users should note proper placement and attachment of their bikes on the rack and should adhere to the “walk your bike” rule if entering or departing the rack via the sidewalk.
  • S. College and Xenia Avenue Sharrows - “Sharrows” will be painted on West South College, between Xenia Avenue and East Enon Road, and on Xenia Avenue, between Limestone Street and the bike path crossing, after May 1st. These “share the road arrow” markings feature a bicycle image, topped with a chevron, and are typically accompanied by roadside signage to communicate that “bikes may use full lane.” The markings and signage are reminders that a cyclist is meant and entitled to travel with vehicular traffic on our roads. Drivers should also be aware that the recently passed Ohio HB 154 defines the “safe distance” by which Ohio motorists must pass bicyclists as at least 3 feet.

In addition to these capital improvements, the Village is working with its community partners to advance planning, safety and education efforts around our active transportation goals. These include helmet and light giveaways, bike and walk to school events, and updates to the Comprehensive Plan. We appreciate the community’s support with these efforts and welcome questions and feedback.

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