Winter Prep in the Village Begins

Winter prep for the Village has begun. With the change in seasons, the Village Public Works Team has started the process of assessing vehicles, forecasting needs, and securing supplies for the winter season.

"The typical plow season begins in mid-December and ends in mid-March,” said Tanner Bussey, Street Forman. “Although we have seen seasons begin in late October & end in early May.”

According to Bussey, salt is ordered as early as June for the upcoming season. By late September, plows & spreaders are mounted, equipment is cleaned, lubricated, and inspected for safety and efficiency. The final step in the process is to test the snow removal vehicles and equipment to ensure all is in working condition, including lights on all vehicles for night plowing, and limited visibility conditions due to snowfall.

Preparation is the key, and the community can aid in the process. Here are some helpful tips for the community from the Streets & Sewers Team:

    1. Remove any basketball goals located on or near the roadway.

    2. Vehicles parked on the street should be moved to the driveway.

    3. Dayton St. & Xenia Ave. are Snow Routes (Emergency Routes), which means any snow event of over 4 inches results in no parking on those streets. Take notice of the forecast.

    4. Give snow removal equipment plenty of space. The trucks are big, heavy, and take longer to stop (even) in perfect weather.

    5. Be kind, and patient. The crew is out to clear the roads for all of the citizens.

"The Yellow Springs Street Department is comprised of four very dedicated employees. They come in nights, weekends, holidays to clear the roadways for safe passage. The high level & quick service would not be possible without the commitment of this crew." - Tanner Bussey


Help report non-emergency issues by using the iWorQ app this winter.
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Work Crew

Pictured from left to right: 
Adam Williamson (Service Worker), Tanner Bussey (Streets Forman), Mike Neal (Utility Service Worker)
Not pictured: Dale Fisher (Service Worker)


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