National Lineman Appreciation Day 2021

 On April 10, 2013, U.S. Senate Resolution 95 recognized linemen across the country by setting April 18th as National Lineman Appreciation Day.  This year the 18th fell on Sunday, and myself and our lineman (Austin Pence, Jeff Horn and Dustin Harris) were out on a planned power outage that began at 9 pm and lasted until 1 am.  We did it at such a late hour to minimize impact on the local residents and businesses affected.  This was no easy task, as there were 40 customers on that circuit.  The poles that were replaced dated back to the early 70's, and by replacing them now, we ensured the safety of our crew and avoided an emergency outage in the future. 

So, even though this is a little after the 18th, Please join us in expressing gratitude and appreciation for our Lineman today for all that they do.  We I couldn’t ask for a better crew! 

-Ben Sparks, Electric Foreman 

Ben Sparks

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