Ohio Vaccination Timeline

The Governor unveiled a timeline indicating which groups are eligible to receive the vaccine and when. Next in line are those over the age of 65, school staff, and individuals with severe inherited or developmental disorders (like sickle cell anemia or Down syndrome). The dates are as follows:

1. Jan. 19th - Those 80 years of age and older
2. Jan. 25th - Those 75 years of age and older | Also on this date, vaccinations will be available to those with severe congenital, developmental, or early-onset medical disorders.
3. Feb. 1st - Those 70 years of age and older + School Personnel. *Receiving the vaccine for school personnel requires the schools commitment of returning to full in-person or hybrid learning by March 1st.
4. Feb. 8th - Those 65 years of age and older.

More information will be provided as roll-outs continue.

Ohio Vaccination Timeline

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