New Community COVID Protocols


The Village is stepping up enforcement so that we can continue to keep our community members safe while supporting our businesses and keeping them open.

Here is the updated COVID protocol and please contact the Village via 937-767-7206 if you have any questions, concerns or need to report an issue.


1. Peace Officers will patrol downtown Yellow Springs as often as possible, hourly at a minimum, and will be equipped with at least 10 masks at all times. This activity will be formally logged.

2. If Officers encounter someone not wearing a mask, they will offer them one, which serves as a warning. If they refuse to wear it and do not claim an exemption, they will immediately be issued a citation. It is recommended that this be the end of the encounter. If they claim an exemption, then they should be asked to distance from others by at least 6 feet. If they refuse, then they will be immediately issued a citation, and this can be the end of the encounter.

3. If Officers again encounter, after at least an hour, the same individual not wearing a mask, they will issue a second citation. It is recommended that this be the end of the encounter.

4. Repeat offenders or those who do not show up to Mayor’s Court should be handled with the same protocols that would be used in similar situations.

5. Reports of individuals not wearing masks and/or distancing will be responded to immediately.


1. If a business or vendor is not displaying “mask required” signs on all public entrances or their booths, they will be provided with an appropriate sign created by the YS Chamber.

2. If they do not post these signs during the encounter, they will be issued a written warning and reminded that a second violation will result in being closed for 24 hours. Officers will contact the newly formed Workers Comp Bureau Task Force about this offense.

3. Follow-up will be done within 12 hours and, if the signs are still not posted, a second warning will be issued and the Task Force will again be contacted. If they do not have the capacity to enforce the 24-hour business shutdown order, the YSPD will do so.

4. Reports of businesses or vendors not requiring employees and customers to wear masks will be responded to immediately.


No Mask No Service
Ohio Revised MASK Mandate

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