Justice System Collaborative Committee

The Justice System Collaborative Committee intentionally promotes anti-racism, inclusion, equity and accessibility through all policies, procedures and processes. 
It comprises a working group that researches and develops recommendations to strengthen the Yellow Springs Police Department (YSPD) and the Mayor’s Court and serves to vet any such suggestions made by outside organizations or citizens and seeks ways to increase public understanding of police department policies and practices, and to strengthen public trust in the Village justice system across race, age and income groups.
The Collaborative Committee researches best practices, innovative approaches and justice system reforms that includes, but is not be limited to:

• Possibilities regarding pre-prosecution mediation and restorative justice practices that could strengthen the role of Mayor’s Court.
• The role of a prosecutor in Mayor’s Court.
• New developments in municipal policing practices that address institutional racism.
• Methods of ameliorating the disparate impact of the justice system practices on the poor.
• Alternative municipal policing approaches to drug control.
• Best practices regarding police and youth, including educational programs.
• Best practices in supporting police-community relationships.
The Justice System Collaborative Committee (JSCC) consists of between nine and seventeen Villagers, including a Council and Village Mediation Liaison. One member can be a Township resident.
The committee meets the 2nd Tuesday of the each month @ 3pm. 
Contact: Brian Housh, Council President | EMAIL

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