Virtual Town Hall Q&A



Will there be an ASL interpreter moving forward?
Yes. We are working diligently to provide an interpreter and we look forward to securing one for the next Virtual Town Hall Meeting

Do we have any sense when non-essential shops/stores downtown will be asked to close?

Some shops have been asked to close already (nail salons, barber shops, tattoo parlors, etc…) There are some businesses that have voluntarily closed. However, some essential businesses such as Tom’s Market and other restaurants remain open for carry out and delivery.

Is there any time-frame that we should be aware of regarding the availability of food?

At this time we are not aware of any shortages. We have food available both locally and regionally.

What services are provided to seniors through Tom’s partnership?

One is through the Senior Center. You are able to place the order through the Senior Center either by phone 937-767-5751 or email If requested by noon, your order will be delivered the next day. No deliveries on Sundays.

What is currently the largest need in the village, and what do you anticipate being a need in the next few weeks?

Food for the most vulnerable.
Childcare is also a challenge, but some will remain open.

Can you remind us how to get involved or how to volunteer?

Contact, or email or call 937-767-2655

How come we learned so late about that COVID death in the area?

There is a 4 to 5 lag time in reporting.

Can you get tested if you are asymptomatic?

Right now only those who are at high risk are getting tested.

What steps are being taken to advertise that the Glen is closed and that our community is observing Stay-at-home orders? press releases, WYSO advertising, local area newspapers and tv stations?

We have put 3 digital signs in and around the Glen. We are also looking to ensure that the public takes the virus seriously and adheres to the stay-at-home order.


Do we have drones?
Yes. We have one and others in training. These are, however, not for patient care.

For citizens who test positive, what is the plan for tracking their movement and exposure?
This is a part of public health and county level responsibility.

Is there a plan to check body temperature of essential workers?
There is no plan currently. There are protocols put in place for individual businesses.

When are the food drives?
YS Community pantry 2pm - 4pm on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays.

The Little Pantry is open 24/7 and is located behind the Presbyterian Church and across from Mills Lawn School.

Are there any plans to quarantine those returning from isolated areas?
Most states are providing quarantine implementations. We are doing our part to ensure safety when people return to our area.

For citizens who test positive, how are we tracking there whereabouts?

This is a county level responsibility. We are doing our best to ensure safety.

Should people still till cover your cough or sneeze when wearing a cloth mask because of penetration or does that cause other unforeseen problems?


When is the peak for the virus, and once we reach that, do we know how the we can ease our practices?

Stay alert and on board with what we have been doing. We don’t know a date for the peak of the virus, however if we keep doing our part the impact will be less severe.


What are the Greene County guidelines of vehicle parades?
Vehicles and people need to be spaced 6 ft apart
Only one person per vehicle
Masks need to be worn
Remember public safety at all times

Are there more homeless people and what are the local resources?
We are in constant communication with all of our citizens. Shelters are in short supply, but we still have resources available.

We are always available to refer them to other resources, but we much speak to them directly.

What is the legal aid assistance number?
888-534-1432 or email:

What are the local resources for homeless persons in YS?

We are in constant communication with all of our residents.

The shelters in Xenia is filled to capacity. We do have other resources but we need to speak with the individuals.


Are village management and council working on a plan to cut spending when tax collectors fall off?

This is something that we are definitely looking into. We will have more information shortly.

I have heard of cities talking about firing some police, fire employees and more because of lack of federal assistance. What is the situation for YS?

We are currently looking at the status of the federal government as well as the financial aspects. As we move forward we will be able to gauge more of what is happening both locally and nationally.

4/20 Virtual Council & Town Hall

Has the village come to a decision about whether the Gaunt Park Pool will re-open? If so, when? If not, what are the plans?

It was originally supposed to open on May 25
th. Right now, we are unable to forecast the date or the capacity, but we are committed to trying to open the pool – keeping in mind the precautions that are in place.  

Is the Village still holding Spring Clean Up? 

We are revisiting that soon, specifically regarding a time and date.  

Are other local government personnel receiving temperature checks when coming to work? I’m not sure how many are working virtually?

We encourage remote work if possible. Executive management has individual offices. Those who may exhibit symptoms will be encouraged and asked to go home. The Police Department has more stringent policies when following safety protocol. We will update safety protocols soon based on how this process proceeds.  

Can Mayor Pam give the dates again for the census and voting deadlines? 

VOTING: If you are returning your ballot in-person, it must be delivered to the Greene County Board of Elections in Xenia by 7:30pm, Tuesday April 28th. If you are mailing it in, it must be postmarked by Monday, April 27th 
CENSUS: If you have not yet responded, you can still go online or call and give information over the phone. or 844-330-2020. The self-response deadline has been extended from July 31st to August 14th. After the deadlines, workers will canvas the areas.  

Could Ms. Kingsley please advise people on how to wash their masks and how many reusable masks people should have? 

Soap and water are the best. Ideally, run it through a full washing machine/laundry cycle with high heat drying. Two reusable masks would be great. Most depends on how many you are able to get a hold of.  

Evictions have been continued until at least mid-May. Is the Village going to pass a resolution, send a letter or take another action encouraging the Xenia Municipal Judge to be lenient in those proceedings?

Yes. We are looking very seriously at the importance of housing and food security for all of Greene County. We are considering that and will discuss at our next council meeting. We will stay in touch with Greene County so that we are up-to-date with their position. We are definitely investigating the impact that it may have on our community. More information is available here: 
If you are interested in starting the process for Legal Aid, you can do so through the following:  
(Ph) +1 888-534-1432 

Has the Village heard from any other large employers besides Antioch about employees being furloughed?  

In addition to more in-house work, what else the Village looking at doing to cut costs?
We have not heard of additional large employers except Antioch. Cresco labs was hiring prior to the outbreak, so our assumption is that they are doing well – unlike destination economy. 

There are some things that we have looked at. We are looking at savings first, travel and training expenses (which is low now), the police department has a great need for fuel, but we are confident with identifying savings. The sidewalk repairs are also being positioned to have more in-house/community workers and not out-sourcing. In addition, we are reaching back out to government agencies for the monies that are reserved to support our community. 

I would like to know if the council is planning on ways to keep the number of YS visitors down? 
The village has done some amazing things to help people remain safe, so visitors should be ok. If there are any concerns, please call the police department @ 767-7206 
Are you having trouble coping with what is going on right now?  
Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services:  
Since there are no open public restrooms could that be added to the electronic signs? 

We are looking at lifting restrictions as well as updating messaging. Once we move forward, we will put the necessary signage in place.  

We haven’t heard much about hand sanitizer lately. Is it still relevant?  
Yes. Maintaining hygiene is definitely helpful in diminishing the spread of the virus. That, along with wearing your mask and social distancing will keep our Village and community safe.  

Does the donation (for the Graduates) need to be made to the YSCF? 
Yes. All donations need to go through the Yellow Springs Foundation Fund. You can log on at:


How is the quarantine affecting construction and impacting the opening of our new fire station? 
When the initial stay at home order was issued, we were exempt. We are on target for September and we are very excited. 

What is the plan for MTFR, YSPD and the Village to help local businesses evaluate their space/situation to reopen? How are they determining maximum capacity? How many businesses do we have? 
The Governor's office has issued guidelines for all individuals. We are ensuring that employees are able to continue to practice safe distancing. These guidelines are applicable to all of the overarching areas for businesses.  
Regarding capacity, we will be working with businesses to determine occupancy – based on the Governor's recommendations and what works for the individual businesses. We are will to help all businesses in conjunction with the health department to ensure that all remain safe and up to code.  
We are also available to help mark out pacing on the floors so that businesses can make the spaces safe for consumers. For more information, you are able to contact the Village and the Police Department. This is not an enforcement opportunity, but more of a suggest health guideline so we are interested to make sure we all stay safe as we move forward.  
As we gradually lift restrictions, we will continue to keep the public updated regarding what those lifted restrictions look like. Ensuring the safety of our residents and our visitors is our priority. 

Will Yellow Springs coordinate the local business community to require masks at all retail shops? Can the village take an official action to require them? 

We cannot require citizens in open spaces to wear masks. We will continue to encourage all citizens and visitors to wear masks through more communication as well as marketing campaigns. Legally, business owners are able to require customers to wear them in exchange for service. More information is to come and more solutions for citizens and visitors will be released shortly.  
The “Cool and caring thing to do is to wear your mask.”  

Are we having the traditional Village clean up week during the last week of May? Can you confirm those dates, please? 

 Although we can’t confirm a date today, we will be able to address this on Monday, May 4th.  
Do we have any plan palace to support our local business that want to enforce no mask no service? What do they do if the shopper becomes belligerent? Should they call you? 
Does President Manley see a situation in which the Wellness Center swimming pool could open before the rest of the gym? 
This will take a bit more testing and working through: However, we are looking into it to ensure safety.  

 Can curbside pick-up be encouraged and made easier for stores? Especially the tiny stores that can barely fit 5 people pre-pandemic. Could there be designated areas in the parking spots? 

 This is a great question. There are some spots available currently, but we will look into it more thoroughly.  


Could there be updates when businesses close their doors? I'm talking about (businesses being) closed permanently. 
We are looking for those businesses that are impacted permanently, and as soon as we have a list we will be able to release that to the public for their knowledge.  

Several of you stressed that our state is on a stay at home order until May 29th. Why can't it be put out there as that instead of welcoming visitors? There should be zero tourism until after 5/29 
One of the challenges remains that we cannot deny people access to come within our village. We will do our best to ensure that we share the appropriate safety concerns while visitors come to our village.  

I understand that the Village cannot pass a mask requirement for customers of shops. However, could the Village and Chamber coordinate with every downtown shop to agree to a customer mask requirement so that visitors don't take their frustration out on individual businesses for that decision? 
Each location is able to hold the standards that they see are best for their business. We have signage that we have in place, as well as the overall tone of verbiage to help to ensure safety. We ALL have a responsibility to go to businesses with the other customers in mind. #maskup 

Melissa Tinker, Resident-Regarding honoring the stay at home order, will you be keeping the parking lots closed? 
Some parking lots will remain closed to help with health safety. As we move forward, some will begin to open slowly. Stay tuned to our website to remain informed.  As more business activity lifts, we will lift restrictions on parking lots. 

So you are catering to visitors vs citizens? 
No. We are not currently encouraging people to come to Yellow Springs from other areas. Our message is MASK ON YELLOW SPRINGS. We are inspired to encourage people to ensure customers mask. We are also looking to ensure that we ensure our understanding of store openings.  
We are a welcoming community. We are encouraging to not to engage in personal confrontation if one feels that there is a lack of social efforts. Please use the Police Department for any challenges that you may feel.  
Are the government offices remaining closed to Villagers? 

We are working through how best to open the village based on how the Governors guidance and how the interaction happens in the village.  
As a resident (me and my) husband own a local business. Are all employees required to wear masks in a given business? 

Our village encourages masks for health and safety. Each business has their prerogative to enforce how they would like to enforce them. Through it all, we ALL should wear masks when around individuals, so as we all do our part, we will all be far better and healthier.

Are government offices remaining closed to citizens?  

Yes. We are not looking to reopen until around May 18thHowever, all services are still available via phone, email. Drop-box. All services are fully operational 

Will there be more frequent emptying of trash containers and maybe more containers?  


Could we consider having the PD block entrances into the village on the weekends? Could we have that discussion? 

We are not legally able to block entrances to the Village, but what we are interested in doing and are committed to is continuing to share the safety and health standards with our community and all visitors.  
How will the Village support businesses to be aware of and compliant with social distancing rules and recommendations? 

Currently, there are efforts in place to provide signage for businesses as well as throughout the village to increase awareness surrounding the continuation of social distancing and all hygiene standards.  


I've been hearing conflicting responses from Village officials on this question and I'd like some clarity. Can the Village of Yellow Springs pass an ordinance requiring masks be worn in public to slow the spread of the coronavirus? If Village Council can pass such a law, why have they decided not to? If Village Council cannot pass this law, then do you know who can? 

The Governor has the authority to do this but he decided not to. The Green County Department of Health has the authority also, but they decided not to. There is no easy answer to the first part of this question. This is a medical issue. We have been discussing this during council meetings and we will continue to consider the matter. Behavior that we are seeing may determine how council moves forward. We have some initiatives in place that will help to encourage people to continue proper behavior. We want it to be more an educational initiative versus a mandate. 

Have any local restaurants reached out to the Village zoning office to inquire about creative ways to expand outdoor seating at their establishment? What kind of flexibility can the Village consider to quickly address any issues at local restaurants?

We haven’t been approached by businesses, but we have been approached by residents. We don’t have anything to say to this plan, but we will see what we can do to accommodate more seating. 
Is the Village going to communicate with Xenia Municipal Court to ask them to further delay evictions or to have leniency in those proceedings? Council and VM previously said they would do so. 

Yes. We have plans to speak with them shortly concerning this. 
Will the digital signs in town stay up? 

Yes. The digital signs will stay up. We have added the language about masks on the signs and near the restrooms. They will remain in place until the end of the month. 

STATEMENT: Pride face masks of various designs would be nice since pride month is approaching and events are already being cancelled. 


Is there consideration being given to making downtown sidewalks one way?  Social distancing on busy foot traffic days is impossible without that.
One-way sidewalks have been discussed, but it would be difficult to accomplish. We are hoping to continue setting the example by physical distancing. We notice that it is mostly the youth and the officers help to encourage them to continue social distancing. 
Does opening up for retail mean that vendors can come and set up their tents and sell their merchandise without even wearing a mask? What are the regulations concerning out of town vendors? 
Vendors: It is up to the property owners. All of the ones that have been set up are on private property. The village does not have regulations so we are unable to require masks of the vendors.   

The mask discussion will be readdressed at the council meeting. There are some legal complications that need to be considered.   
How are the businesses that decided not to open yet being supported? Are there designated curbside pick-up spaces on Xenia Ave. and Dayton St? 
There is a general business support at the local level through the Community Foundation and the Credit Union. There is the Revolving Loan Fund as well. There are several local opportunities as well as Federal Aid that is available to support businesses. Many of the businesses have online shopping with curb side pick-up and phone orders. 

I am a vendor. I do have a state vendors license. Will there be a city vendorsLicense required now as well?
We have not discussed any additional licensing requirements. It has been a challenge in the past with vendors coming in and setting up on private property without notice. We discourage that. There is a permitting process for the private property owner to permit vendors on their property. 

Is busking allowed and or public music where people are gathering to watch and multiple people are playing?
Busking is in the same category of live performance. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the police department. If there is space that we can utilize with people less than 10 people we may be able help. It is not allowed to pick a spot then move to another spot in an hour due to the current health situation. 

5/18 - Council Meeting

 The city of Kettering (which has closed their waterpark for the season to be more protective of their community's health) has a resident only day on Sundays. 

There is ongoing discussion regarding the reopening of the pool. A decision has not been finalized, but we are having the conversation and are definitely safety conscious.  

Has anyone calculated the average loss of our businesses are incurring on a monthly basis? 

We have not heard from the businesses regarding their average loss. However, we do understand that during these times it is a challenge. To that point, we have been in contact with the YS Community Foundation as well as the Chamber of Commerce to ensure that we continue to provide financial relief for the business owners.  
Has there been any conversation on opening the Glen? 

The Glen is currently closed and we do not have any projections regarding the reopen. We are doing our best to ensure the safety of the village and visitors and are cautious when it comes to people migrating to outdoor locations.  


What steps is the Village taking to address safety issues in the Glen now, while it is closed, and also to secure its future as a valued local resource? 

We have had several discussions surrounding the Glen and how to make it a safe place. There are several variables in place when it comes to secure its future as a valued resource. We are continuing to discuss safety and finances and as we move towards ore concrete plans, we will communicate those with the public.

I support adult lap swim but do not understand why the Village is opening the pool for non residents and allowing 125 people @ a time. Why are we opening the pool when children are the primary guests? 

Great question. We are still working through all of the necessary safety precautions to ensure that we do everything we can to keep our residents safe. We are in no way interested in turning non-residents away. In addition, we are conscious of the concerns that have been shared from residents. There are many protocols that will be set in place, and we are committed  to ensuring that they are met. 

Can you share more about how social distancing will be enforced at the pool? For example, will there be adult employees (or officers) who will back up the lifeguards, who are typically teens? 

Our pool manager is diligent in ensuring that we have the safest environment possible. Even though we are still looking at different possibilities, rest assured that we will try to reach the best solution possible. This is a collaborate effort and much training will be involved. We are confident that once we reach a solution, the training will be shared and implemented. 

The jail population was down but is going up again. Are police issuing citations, instead of making arrests to keep people out of jail to protect all of us from a flare up of the virus in our county? 
This is a difficult question. Some things to take into account are why the citations are given. We cannot make a blanket statement surrounding how PD will respond to those who are offenders. Our goal is always to keep people out of jail. However, citations are not applicable where they are not warranted. There is no blanket or overarching procedure here. We are always committed to ensure the safety of our village. Where lenience there can be lenient. If the offense is greater, it is the officers job to ensure that the law is upheld.
STATEMENT: Some towns enforce spacing by LEOs using their speakers or getting out of their actual vehicle. Please take our concerns seriously. The sidewalks are too crowded. 

Is the pool increasing staff? There is no way the usual staff of largely teens can do it all. 

We are currently looking into this. 

193 people have signed the petition to not open the pool as proposed. Why isn’t the council listening to its residents? Why are we exposing our downtown residents + shopkeepers to unmasked individuals? 

We have a council meeting on June 1st, and this is something that is definitely part of the discussion. One of the things to note is that it is not only outside individuals that are not wearing masks. We are working hard with social strategies, collateral and more to encourage individuals to wear masks. 

6/1 Virtual Council Meeting

Was there discussion about social distancing and mask wearing downtown? The weekends have been unacceptable. Today was and it’s a Monday! I tried to run an errand today and more than half of the people were not wearing masks and NOT social distancing AT ALL. I was laughed at by one rude visitor for having to stand off the curb to avoid them. 

Yes. We did touch on this. If there are any challenges that the public feels is a pressing issue, please contact PD. Do not engage people personally - this may escalate. PD is there to help. In the meantime, continue to practice to protocol that is place so that you know that you are doing all you can to help yourself and others. 

When will the city pay for a upgraded dog park? 

The Village is working with the dog park to see how they are moving forward. The dog park in not a government owned agency, so we are partnering with them to see how they can meet their expenses. 

Why does it cost $1200/day to sanitize our public bathrooms and that it’s less money to sanitize public pool bathrooms? 

The pool restrooms were made to clean easily and are able to be sprayed down quickly. The public restrooms take more time and more man power and have different standards of frequency of cleaning.

How much will the extra people working at the pool cost? 

We will not have any extra lifeguards but we will have gate attendants. The cost is $7 or $8/hour. So the total cost depends upon hours worked.

Will the Village be having their volunteer experts analyze the results of Vernay's recent testing? 
We are currently looking into this. We will work with Vernay to hopefully have a speedy turn around with accurate data. 
Did the police address the lack of social distancing outside the Spirited Goat this weekend? 
Yes. We are committed to addressing every need, and we do understand that people are concerned about the gatherings that happen there. We also understand that the management at the Spirited Goat is removing some outside seating to deter people from gathering, and encourage physical distancing. 


 Regarding June 8th and the water discoloration, do you still provide "Rust Out" (or whatever the name is) to remove stains from clothing washed in "discolored" water?

Yes. You are able to call our water utilities company and request Rust Out. 937-767-7202

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