Virtual Town Hall & Council Meetings

2021 Virtual Town Hall Meetings

Our Virtual Town Hall Meetings give the village an opportunity to hear the latest and most up-to-date information regarding COVID-19 and other community information. In addition, we also offer the opportunity for the community to ask questions by emailing: Subscribe to Channel 5 or like our Facebook Page to remain updated with our Virtual Town Halls. We have chat options available on both platforms, so please ask your questions during the meeting and we will try to ensure that we add them to our Q&A. To connect/participate via ZOOM, follow THIS LINK. (Please mute your device upon entry). 

UPDATE AS OF 1/28/2021

The Virtual Town Hall (VTH) Meetings are a source of information surrounding COVID updates, Village plans/processes, and community concerns. Throughout 2020, it was important to dispense necessary and critical information as soon and as efficiently as possible en masse. Thus, a 3 times per week meeting frequency was established, which soon was able to be scaled down to only once per week.
Due to the effectiveness of Village communication channels & the participation of the community surrounding COVID protocols, we are able to (once again) decrease the frequency of these meetings to bi-weekly, beginning Jan. 27th, 2021. 

NOTE: Clicking the link(s) below redirects to the Community Access Yellow Springs YouTube meeting. 


May 26th - Virtual Town Hall - Special DORA Meeting
May 17th - Virtual Council Meeting
May 12th - Virtual Town Hall
May 3rd - Virtual Council Meeting

April 28th - Virtual Town Hall - Facilitated by Mayor Pam
April 19th - Virtual Council Meeting
April 14th - Virtual Town Hall Meeting - Feat. The Sidewalk Project
April 5th - Virtual Council Meeting

March 24th - Virtual Town Hall Meeting
March 15th - Virtual Council Meeting
March 10th - Virtual Town Hall Meeting
March 1st - Virtual Council Meeting

Feb. 25th - Council Retreat
Feb. 24th - Virtual Town Hall Meeting - Feat. Agraria
Feb. 16th - Virtual Council Meeting
Feb. 10th - Virtual Town Hall Meeting
Feb. 3rd - No Meeting
Feb. 1st - Virtual Council Meeting

Jan. 27th - Virtual Town Hall Meeting - Last weekly meeting. Transitioning to bi-weekly. 
Jan. 20th. - Virtual Town Hall Meeting - Cancelled
Jan. 19th - Virtual Council Meeting
Jan. 13th - Virtual Town Hall Meeting
Jan. 6th - Virtual Town Hall Meeting
Jan. 4th - Virtual Council Meeting

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