Transient Guest Lodging Zoning Permit Requirements (AirBnB)

To operate a short term rental unit or property (AirBnB, etc...) in the Village of Yellow Springs is a Conditional Use. Submitting a Conditional Use Hearing form a minimum of 20 days before the next regularly scheduled Planning Commission meeting is the first step. A notice of the Planning Commission including the address, parcel ID and type of hearing will be placed in the paper two weeks prior. A notice of the hearing will also be mailed to the immediately adjacent and abutting neighboring properties, and a sign will be placed in the front yard of the property in question.

Please review the documents below that would need to be filled out, as well as the specific requirements for operating a Transient Guest Lodging under the Codified Ordinances. A bi-annual reporting of all earnings from the short term rental property must be returned to the Finance Director, even if there were no earnings. A 3% lodging tax will be due with the reporting by January 31st, and July 31st for the preceding six months.

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