Hydrant Flushing to begin September 25th

The Village will be flushing the fire hydrants starting the week of September 25th. Public Works will be working on the process for 5 days. Flushing will be happening 8:30am-3:30pm.

Hydrant Flushing FAQ:

  • How long will they be flushing the hydrants?

It will be for five days from 8:30am to 3:30pm

  • Is my water safe to drink?

Once the water has become clear, the water is then safe to be used

  • My water is brown coming out of faucet. What should I do?

Run your water system until it clears.

  • Who does the hydrant flushing?

The village of Yellow Springs Water Distribution Dept.

  • How do we flush fire hydrants?

We strategically start from the south end of town (Well Field where the water is produced) and work to the north.  It takes one week to do the 233 fire hydrants we have in town. 

  • Why do we flush hydrant?

To insure all hydrants are working properly for safety measures and to clean out the main waterlines to prevent the scaling of manganese

  • Why is Village water sometimes discolored?

The distribution system within the village is very old and was not designed to remove Manganese. As a result, there is a buildup of Manganese in our pipes. When water pressure is increased, turbid waters can displace the settled Manganese. This causes the water to be discolored or even brown.

  • Can I wash my clothes during a flushing?

You can but you do take a chance of it staining, in that case in the Police department will give you free of charge iron out which will help with preventing stains.

  • Any further questions you can call the Village of Yellow Springs at 937-767-7202 ext. 261 or 937-767-7208

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