New Stormwater Fees Effective January 2023

The Village of Yellow Springs is launching an initiative to address longstanding stormwater challenges by bolstering infrastructure to productively channel clean stormwater. This process helps to reduce wastewater in local waterways, and improve the overall cleanliness of the Village water supply. 
To help address the stormwater challenges, Village Council has approved the assessing of stormwater fees for residential & non-residential properties which will provide funds for the necessary repairs and maintenance. Areas of concentration have already been identified as needing immediate attention. Some of these areas include: 

  • Repairing the fragmented storm system on South High Street by adding additional pipes for successful water flow 
  • Connecting the water flow system of South High to Dayton Street 
  • Assessing, cleaning, rebuilding, and maintaining existing stormwater drains 

Beginning January 1st, 2023, Yellow Springs residents will see stormwater fees from the Finance Department assigned through Utility Billing. This fee will be based on Greene County parcel coding of residential and/or non-residential which will be assigned at $5 or $10 respectively.   
With this implementation, the Village will be able to fund improvements, facilitate the redirecting of stormwater, as well as support the Water Treatment Plant in its efforts to process the cleanest water possible for the community.  

For more information, and to review the FAQ, please visit 

To review the Stormwater Fees FAQ list, CLICK HERE. 

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