Free Wi-Fi FAQ's

Q: Who are the sponsors:  
ANS: Sponsors of the Free Wi-Fi initiative include: The Village of Yellow Springs, Yellow Springs Schools, Yellow Springs Community Foundation & MVECA (Miami Valley Educational Computer Association)

Q: What is the actual Project?  
ANS: “Extend our Fiber Backbone to Downtown.”  
QUOTE: “Innovation leads to economic and social resiliency.” - J. Salmeron, YSO Village Manager 
ANS: With the upgrade of a new fiber Wi-Fi connection, access as well as connection speeds will increase – both in the business district, as well as in specific areas throughout the Village where Wi-Fi was inaccessible. 

Q: When speaking of extending our fiber backbone, what exists now to understand how this initiative will extend? 
ANS: The current internet infrastructure of the Village of Yellow Spring is outdated, underpowered and oversubscribed, which causes slow and often inconsistent connection. 
Q: Where are these installations located? 
ANS: The 12 Wi-Fi access points are located throughout the business district – noticeable on various posts.

Q: What are the specific physical borders of this 20-acre coverage area mentioned?  
ANS: The reach covers up to 300 ft. from any access point. 

Q: How does the public connect to free Wi-Fi? 
ANS: Yellow Springs Public Wi-Fi 
PWD: None needed 

Q: How do YS businesses connect to the Wi-Fi? How will the Wi-Fi be hard-wired to each business? Who will pay for the hard-wire connection? 
ANS: The Village is currently working to develop an option for businesses to connect to the network. We expect to release details in March.  

Q: How much data can move through the Wi-Fi connection per user? 
ANS: Connections speeds will vary as it depends on device and distance from the router. We expect to deliver speeds up to 100mbps. 

Q: How many users can access the Wi-Fi at one time? 
ANS: Our wireless mesh can support thousands of users at one time. 

Q: What hardware do businesses and households need to access the Wi-Fi? 
ANS: Any device with WIFI capability. Please note connection also depends on device used.

Q: Will villagers and businesses continue to need the services of other providers, such as Spectrum and AT&T to access Wi-Fi? 
ANS: This depends on the users need for internet connection. Public Wi-Fi is not a substitute for home or business network. The Village administration is looking to develop products and services to become an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and that can replace internet services from other providers such as Spectrum and AT&T.  

Q: What is the desired outcome of this project?  
ANS: Due to COVID-19, the efforts to provide up-to-date health & community information has increased tremendously. Having access to consistently powered access points increases the awareness and safety of the entire community.  Under normal circumstances an Internet Connection is a must-have. During a pandemic, it is CRUCIAL for: School & Learning, Health Care, finding a Job & Telework, and Economic Recovery. 
Q: What is the project cost to Villagers?  
ANS: This is a FREE resource to the public for a term of 1 year & the effectiveness of the project will be evaluated for 2nd phase roll out.

Q: How many phases does this project consist of? (If multiple, please name them and give description). 
Phase I: Build Fiber infrastructure in the Downtown area, install 12 access points and provide public Wi-Fi. 

Phase II: Build fiber infrastructure down Corry St from Keith Alley to Waste Water Treatment Facility. Install access points at Corry St Apartments, Gaunt Park and Hawthrone Apartments. 

Phase III: Establish Municipal Broadband Enterprise 

Phase IV: Provide ISP service within existing fiber network. 

Phase V: Build out Fiber to the Home Network. 

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