Zoning Districts FAQ

What are “Zoning Districts”, and how to I find out what zone I’m in?

Neighborhoods and blocks are broken down into Zoning Districts based upon the primary use and size of the lots and structures within it.

For example; B-1 Central Business District refers to the Village’s downtown businesses, primarily on Xenia Avenue, Corry and Dayton Streets.

Residential areas are broken into three Zoning Districts, R-A Low density, defined by the large plots and wide distances between each home, intended to accommodate single-family residential subdivision and infill developments at densities of up to six units per acre.  R-B Moderate Density defined by the medium sized lots, intended to encompass much of the Village's existing single-family and medium-density residential neighborhoods.  R-C High density residential district, is intended to promote a high quality mix of residential units, including multiple-family dwellings, at a density of up to 14 units per acre.

To determine the Zoning District your lot is located on, you can use the Greene County Auditor’s GIS map server to locate your lot, and then utilize the “Zoning District” map layer.  Or you can click here to see our Zoning District map.  You may also contact our office and we’d be happy to look up the zoning for your property.

To learn more about the Zoning Districts within the Village corporation limit, and the requirements for each, please visit American Legal's online publication of the Zoning Codified Ordinances.


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