What Is a Conditional Use Hearing?

What is a “Conditional Use Hearing”?

A “Conditional Use” is defined in the Zoning code as follows:

“A use that, owing to some special characteristics attendant to its operation or installation, is permitted in a district subject to approval by the Planning Commission and subject to special requirements which are in addition to those usual requirements for the district in which the conditional use may be located.”

A Conditional Use starts with an application submitted to the Zoning Administrator, and a fee of $100 is required to cover costs which include:

  • Staff time, which includes researching and writing a detailed report of the information provided, the requirements of the conditional use and facts about the location of the proposed use.
  • Advertising costs for listing the hearing in the Yellow Springs News ahead of the hearing.
  • Print and mailing costs to notify the owners of directly adjacent and abutting properties to the location of the proposed use.

Planning Commission meets on the second Tuesday of every month. One intending to apply for a Conditional Use must have their application and payment submitted to the Zoning Administrator at least 20 days prior to the second Tuesday of the month. This is required to allow time for all the three steps above to occur in a reasonable amount of time prior to the meeting, as the Zoning Code mandates.

Click here to download a Conditional Use Application.

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