Yellow Springs Skate Park

Yellow Springs Skate Park Background

The Village of Yellow Springs invested nearly $40,000 in skate park improvements. An ACC subcommittee led by AJ Warren, Matt Housh and Brian Housh collaborated with the Village team and worked closely with local youth & skaters, CT Consultants and Grindline Skateparks to develop a master plan.

Skate Park Phase One
Grindline Skateparks of Seattle, Washington implemented Phase One of the Yellow Springs Skate Park. They helped to boost local economy by employing local welders and carpenters during construction. Phase One was completed May of 2015.

The ACC sponsored a grand opening for the skate park on June 13, 2015. Skateboarding enthusiasts from all over the Miami Valley were in attendance. The event featured contests, demonstrations and instruction for all levels, and was additionally sponsored by 5 area skateboard companies.

The community has responded enthusiastically to the improvements. Once again, the skate park has become a lively point of activity for our community. Residents of all ages, and regional skateboarders utilize the facility from dawn to dusk. The park has been well maintained and many volunteers have shown their respect and appreciation, by helping with ongoing clean up and general maintenance of the facility.

Skate Park Phase Two

Fundraising initiatives are underway for Phase Two, which will complete master plan. The subcommittee is continuing to partner with community members to pursue grants and initiate fundraising activities to complete Phase Two.

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