Arts and Culture Commission

The Arts and Culture Commission advises Village Council regarding the merits of any art concept, proposed art exhibit or installation, to ensure respect for other users of public places, as well as to convey the creative and welcoming nature of our community, to attract persons to the Village to enhance economic activity, and to increase community collaboration and inclusion, promote participation and contribution.

The Arts and Culture Commission meets the second Wednesdays at 7:00pm in Council Chambers, located on the second floor of the Bryan Center.

Current Projects

Past Projects

Commission Members
Term Expiration
John Fleming, 04/17/2021
Cathy Roma 02/06/2021
Cheryl Durgans, Chair 12/04/2021

Amy Wamsley

Laurie Freeman

Nya Brevik




Lisa Kreeger, Council Representative
Brian Housh, Council Alternate

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Contact Judy Kintner, Village Council at 937-767-9126 or

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