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Sewer Adjustment

Effective Immediately – The Village of Yellow Springs will no longer provide adjustments to sewer charges without documented proof the water did not go into the Village’s sewer system.  Completion of a sewer adjustment form is required in addition to verification of the water leak by a public works official.  Forms are available at the Utility Office and by clicking on this link.

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Greene County Environmental Services: Yard Waste Disposal Sites, Paint, Electronic and Other Waste Collection Services.


Utility Billing Office


Office Hours

10:00am - 2:00pm Monday - Friday
10:00am - 6:00pm on the 15th of each month*

*except for holidays and weekends.

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The Utility Billing Department is located in the Bryan Center. A drop-off payment box is located near the entrance to the building for convenience.

In addition to receiving utility payments from customers, the department processes the Village's accounts payable and receivable, and answers calls about the solid waste service and other utilities. Department personnel read and change the meters for the electrical, water, and sanitary sewer systems.

The department also distributed showerheads to promote water conservation. Further, the Village worked with the Greene County Combined Health District to offer free radon testing kits to citizens. If you would like information on these or other programs, please call 767-7202.

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