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Are people not listening and understanding each other?
Are meetings taking too long and not accomplishing much?

Are some group members not able or willing to participate fully?
Have people left the group after disagreements or problems in a meeting?
If any of these are true for you, then a facilitator from Village Mediation may be able to help.

Often when people hear Village Mediation they think of conflicts or problems between individuals, but the Village Mediation Program offers other services as well including group facilitation. A facilitator assists a group with meetings, so the group members can be full participants in the discussion.

Facilitators will...

Facilitation can be helpful for groups because...

Facilitators have many "tools" to help groups. A facilitator can...

Why chose a facilitator from VMP?

This valuable, free service is available to groups in our community. The facilitators are neutral and keep information confidential.

Contact the Mediation Program at 937-605-8754 or